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Brayden Hall

Spiritual Coach

This program is dedicated to advancing our understanding of life to help us learn more about our existence, what it means to be alive, how to live without suffering, how our souls evolve, what happens when we die and more mind expanding content to unlock the great mysteries of the universe and reawaken knowledge. You will discover universal solutions and guidance to improve emotional and spiritual intelligence to unlock higher states of consciousness. 

1. Get Over Fear of Death  Expand the Mind to Remember The Big Picture of How Life Works By Exposure to Near Death Experiences of Others.

2. Experience More Fulfillment  Awaken a Deeper Meaning to Life and Learn How to Live in Accordance to Your Soul's Purpose and Your Highest Potential.

3. Discover How to Not Feel Anxious/Overwhelmed/Worried by Stressful Situations + Traumatic Events Feel Calm and Overcome Fear & Anxiety. 

4. Find Your Purpose Unlock the True Purpose of Your Life and What You Are On Earth to Accomplish. Bring to Light Your Hidden Abilities.

5. Feel Better Learn to 'Let Go' + Remove that Which is No Longer Serving You and Feel Naturally High with Specific Techniques. 

6. Live Your Potential + Advance Your Soul  Discover How to Grow Spiritually to Experience Higher States of Consciousness that Ultimately Lead to Bliss.

7. Awaken Unconditional Love Dismantle the Old Limiting Belief Systems and Remove Negative Self Talk + Transform Your Perspective on Life and Relationship You Have With Yourself Which In Turn Improves the Relationship with Others.

8. Have Less Thoughts Awaken the Quiet Mind to Experience a Peaceful State of Consciousness that Can be Carried with You Through Out Life.

9. Get Relief from Grief and Sadness Related to The Passing of a Loved One Process Grief in Healthy Way, Letting Go of Pain, Soften the Transition, Reawaken Truth of What it Means to Be on Earth & What Happens After.

10. Become More Spiritual Loosen the Hold the Ego Has On Your Life By Controlling Your Automatic Responses and Being Intentional With the Energy You Release.

11. Learn How to Detect Truth from Falsehood Know When You Are Being Told the Truth or When Something is Rooted in Falsehood That Could Lead You Astray.

12. Recommendations for Health + Wellness Without Our Health it Can Be Challenging to Enjoy Life to the Fullest. Practical Tips for Good Body Health.

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